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EarthEnergy™ Limited is committed to providing a professional service, ensuring each EarthEnergy™ System is tailored specifically to your project. The purchase cost of a ground source heat pump system is directly related to its size, accurately sizing the system therefore saves money. Conversely a system that is too small will incur increased running costs due to excessive electrical top-up. Before we provide an estimate for any project we will ascertain the building size, construction and heating load in order to correctly size the system.

We operate a national network of approved EarthEnergy™ Installation Partners to provide local service with quality accreditation and every installation is inspected and commissioned by one of our own engineers

Our satisfied customers include private individuals looking for an environmentally friendly heating application for their bespoke self build property, through housing associations seeking a renewable energy source which will reduce fuel bills for their tenants, to international companies seeking heating and cooling applications for new purpose built multi level commercial buildings.